cargos4Insure all kinds of goods and commodities craw materials and finished goods moving with all modes of transport on land, sea and air to and from anywhere in the world.

In times of recession and economic crisis, the ability of a company to absorb the impact of sudden loss in transit of goods may have little or nonexistent.

As is known to all, the goods that they move, there is always the risk of damage from loss, destruction, theft, sinking, collision, overturning and other forms of damage, but they can provide by insurance cover.

Something which is recent years has started to become indispensable condition for a transfer and courtesy service, has become an inseparable piece of own transport.

Despite the misleading impression that security increases the cost of transportation in fact the rate insurance is the minimum compared to the offered security.

Our company believes that the insurance coverage adds reliability in transportation and ensures proper conduct compensation without problems and delays in the event of damage. For the reason that we can be sure ,it’s better to be secured , this is our philosophy , and for this we as a company covered our third party liability ( against of our client). Easily and inexpensively, and we can take care for your own insurance policy, with a reputable insurance organizations which provide guaranteed insurance coverage for all forms of transport.

A transport insurance cover risks that may arise during transport of a load, and relieve stress of entrepreneur, for in case “if something happens on the road“.

Whether it is to carry goods within Greece or import from abroad by any transport means , you have to never forget the transport insurance with a minimal cost you ensure your commodity whatever is the value.

In transport safety are the following basic security clauses covering your merchandise as follows:

Clouse C: Covered loose by impact, collision, overturning, fire, explosion , sinking the ship aground , general average sacrifice estuary cargo overboard . They also cover the costs of participation in general average and salvages.

Clouse Α: Covered all risks transportation care, the coverage of clause B & C and further losses due to theft, hacking, and malicious act, except those specifically excluded in the contract. Key exception of the contract is the fault of the insured, the wear and tear of the goods, the same defect, war, terrorist effects, delay, etc.

For any additional premium maybe agreed and damage coverage, war, seizures, abandoned mines, (only for maritime travels), losses from strikes, terrorists, while specific clauses can be covered certain products presenting special characteristics, such like frozen meat, petroleum, coal, timber, beverage bottles, etc.

The transport safety is a necessary “tool” of modern business operators, that they importing and exporting or dealing in merchandise.